By PRT Staff

Summary from August 2019

Charlie Farley brought up her irritation at the Town’s seeming two-year inaction on the feral cat issue, especially in her neighborhood. A Study Session was suggested to review the Town’s ordinances on animal control, as well as the sample ordinances from Sierra Vista.

The Town is beginning the search for a new attorney.

The online bill-pay system for the town, requested at a previous meeting, takes about $5,000 to set up and has maintenance fees, and doesn’t seem justified at the moment.

A special meeting scheduled for Aug. 19 with Planning and Development Committee with the Council to begin discussions of a revision process for the Town’s General Plan and discuss the powers and duties of the Committee.

The Town clarified that it’s the owner’s duty to prune trees that grow from private property into the Town’s right of way.

Councilwoman Melissa Murietta received approval from the Town for annual Halloween “trunk or treat” program for the town’s youth, which gets cooperation with the Marshall’s Office.

7 pm,  Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Gary Retherford’s resignation from the Planning & Development Committee was accepted. Georgette Larroux and Lauri Monty were approved as new members.

Announcement for US Forest Service presentation on Thursday, September 5, 6 pm at the High School, on the Sunnyside mineral exploration project, proposed by Barksdale Resources, for a 5,000-acre site among its three major holdings in the Patagonia Mountains. Deadline for public comment is Oct 21.                                                                                                                        

Councilman Steve Finch’s proposal to rename a section of 3-R Road, near his house and parallel to Pennsylvania Av, as Roadrunner Lane, was approved. He also explained the offsetting of named roads from one side of Gringo Gulch to the other and erosion problems in recent monsoon rains were mentioned.

After much discussion of the effects of mine-exploration-related trucks within the Town, it was agreed to designate a truck route through town to Harshaw Road which will avoid Taylor Ave. in front of the Post Office. The designated truck route will be from Third Ave at the town hall & heliport, through McKeown Ave that connects from the Stage Stop Inn to the curve that becomes Harshaw Road.  Suitable signage will be added. This change is considered a temporary experiment, pending review over time.

Councilman Ron Reibslager added a request for three parking places across the street from the Stage Stop Hotel entrance, to be dedicated for people with Town business, during normal business hours.  This would require posts and signage and was approved.

NO PARKING signage, and allocated handicap parking, were approved for Richardson Park.

By Resolution 19-05, Town parks and community garden space, lying within the Special Flood Hazard Area identified by the County, are to remain as permanent open space.

Town Manager Ron Robinson is approved as Chief Fiscal Officer for the Budget Year 2019-2020.

Two future agenda items:  1) Council (and the townspeople) need clarity about the definition of a “big truck” for understanding and enforcing the Town’s Truck Ordinance. 2) A presentation by Coronado Homes.