Community Homes of Patagonia (CHOP) has announced that its consultant, Wendy Carter Development Consulting, is conducting a survey of local households and employees to determine the need and demand for affordable housing in the town and surrounding area.

CHOP’s Strategic Planning Committee, headed by Tod Bowden, has worked with Carter to design a questionnaire and survey strategy that will help them document the need for affordable housing and the level of interest in both rental and home ownership housing units.

Carter and CHOP are working through schools, employers, and community organizations to get individuals and members of households to participate in the survey. One questionnaire per household is to be completed anonymously and may be filled out in paper form or online. Those who complete the paper questionnaire may return it in a sealed envelope to their participating employer, school or organization or drop it in the drop box at Patagonia Town Hall.

CHOP is asking everyone who participates in the survey to respond by January 14 so that the responses can be tabulated and analyzed by the end of January, after which time the consulting firm will present its findings and recommendations to the CHOP Board of Directors.