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Step By Step

Trails around Patagonia have been given some love recently by several organizations, often aided by local residents.

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How Grapes Become Wine

Most larger wineries process their own wines, but for some, a custom crush facility like Elgin’s Deep Sky Vineyard makes economic sense. Here’s a look at Deep Sky’s winemaking process.

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Kids’ Art on Display

This summer, participants at the PCAA’s Summer Art Camp learned how to make kites, work a sewing machine, and create ceramic bird bells — and they got to cool off in Sonoita Creek.

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Spending a great deal of time around the Rocky Mountains, my biggest fear is getting mauled, and perhaps eaten, by a grizzly bear.

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Project Walkway

Our columnist finds the ancient process of laying down stones to make a flat surface to walk upon to be a pleasantly contemplative one.

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Better Late Than Never

Residents of Rio Rico have begun to experience the same frustration with Santa Cruz County’s Board of Supervisors that we in eastern SCC have been experiencing for years. These Rio Ricans aren’t standing for such treatment.

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The Vintage Duo

Organist Bernice Pomeroy, aged 95, and pianist Sonia Johnson, 82, have been playing together at Patagonia United Methodist since 2001 (with one six-year hiatus). They credit the congregation for keeping them happily at their instruments.

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In Memory of Windmill

In 2011, a crisp color photo at the Sonoita post office announced that a blue tick coon hound named Windmill was looking for a forever home. She had been found in the Bradshaw mountains by some hikers who had come across her. She was frightened, dehydrated, and had been bit in the face by a rattlesnake.

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