At Our Backdoor

At Our Backdoor: News From the Front Lines, published August 2018 By India Aubry Through the community activist group Voices From The Border, a few friends and I have been going to help the Central American asylum seekers arriving since May 12th at the Port of Entry in Nogales, Sonora. The following are excerpts from […]

August Town Council

By PRT Staff Summary from August 2019 Charlie Farley brought up her irritation at the Town’s seeming two-year inaction on the feral cat issue, especially in her neighborhood. A Study Session was suggested to review the Town’s ordinances on animal control, as well as the sample ordinances from Sierra Vista. The Town is beginning the […]

Time for Change

By David Green The SCC Board of Supervisors have proposed yet another property tax increase from $3.88 to $3.98 for every $100 of assessed value. Add to that county and local fire, school, and flood district tax rates and watch the balloon inflate! SCC property taxes have increased seven of the last eight years, Pima […]

Glimpses into our Past

By Alison Bunting The Glimpses article about George Beebe in the June PRT issue, reported on “a meeting of friends of the cause of equal rights… [to] extend the right of suffrage to the women of the new commonwealth.” [The Oasis, 6/29/1912]. The suffrage movement in Arizona began in the late 1800s. Activists successfully introduced […]

Judge Blocks Rosemont Mine

Aug 1st 2019 Breaking news as reported by AZ Central. Other major media outlets in Tucson are reporting on this as well. The PRT will continue to follow this story with more in-depth coverage. You can read the background on this story from PRT’s April issue cover article: